Intra-day Analyst


I was part of the team whose responsibility it is to manage and report on the Tangerine call centre’s capability to meet the incoming volume of calls.


The role is responsible for providing detailed analysis and documentation in order to develop conclusions and responses including recommendations on possible courses of action.


I received the MVP award in 2016.

MVP Award - 2016
MVP Award – 2016

All sensitive information is blurred out.


In my time as an Intraday Analyst, I have worked on multiple projects that are focused towards optimizing Workforce activities. The longevity of the tools that I have worked on are a direct result of an iterative work process where I focus on:

  1. The deconstruction and/or assembly phase after requirements are obtained from the client who will use the tool and
  2. Solicit near realtime feedback from the client about possible changes before another cycle of deconstruction/assembly takes place.

A good example where this process was used was in the development of the Payroll report ( I was working with the Payroll Administrator and used her expertise to understand what was missing in the previous tool and involved her in the developmental phase of the new tool at every step. I find the importance of partnering with the client results in them being as invested in the success of the project as I am.

Liaison between Workforce Teams

The Shrinkage Report is a versatile tool used by the Forecasters, Schedulers and the Intraday Team ( for a writeup of it’s Feature Summary and Evolution). To develop this tool, I had to liaise with the Schedulers for Shrinkage Category information, Team Grouping information and with Management for design elements. In addition, I had to be in sync with any changes that the Schedulers make with regard to Shrinkage types or Team Groups. The different areas of the Workforce Team trust me to act with integrity and accuracy and this has resulted in the Shrinkage Report becoming a versatile tool used by multiple teams within the Workforce department.

Workforce KPI and Metrics

The Intraday Stats Report and Inbound Service Status Report (see:, for a writeup of it’s Feature Summary and Evolution) are tools that highlight an integral focus on the development and the reporting on Workforce KPI and Metrics. I have put the hours of Research needed into building accurate tools and investigating best practises to better serve the decision making process of the Workforce Teams.

Maintenance and Evolution of the Reporting Infrastructure

The Absence Report, Pre-MEVO Projects (see:, in addition to the projects mentioned earlier highlight good technical competencies required to evolve the Reporting Infrastructure of the Workforce Teams. I find that technical competencies by themselves are useless without the real world experience of client collaboration and being able to recognize good ideas from multiple people.

Predictive Tools

While the focus of my reporting tools have mostly been on descriptive analysis, I am looking to shift focus to include Predictive Analysis. A recent report that I worked on (see: highlights new tools and algorithms that can be potentially be used for optimal staffing calculations. The Python programming language was used in the research of the Tangerine Performance Modelling report.

Process Documentation

I know the importance of documenting the processes and tools that I work on. The documents provided here are examples which explain the features and the decision decisions that were taken. This helps other Analysts who look to expand its functionality or understanding the reports in detail to not have to start from scratch.